Download the HCS App!

  • Go to the App Store or Google Play on your device and download our app!

    • Allow the app to send you notifications so you don’t miss messages sent from HCS & your school

    • Then under App Setup, select Find My Location or Choose From List

    • Select the schools you would like to receive notifications from in the app

      • All District-Wide notifications will be received in the app

    • Click Finish



    • When you click on an event, you can “Add to device calendar” to place the event on your phone’s calendar

      • You will only see district events and events from the schools you follow



    • When the district or the schools you are following sends a notification, you will be able to read them here


    Activity Stream:

    • This is where you will find updated posts from social media, websites, and notifications from the district and the schools you are following



    • This will take you to the Titian app so you can view HCS breakfast and lunch menus

    • The app will direct you to set up your app account to view menu information



    • You can go to Settings anytime to change the schools you are following or to change the app’s language