Code of Conduct

  • 2023 - 2024 Code of Conduct
    Spanish: 2023-2024 Code of Conduct

    The Homewood City Board of Education believes that instruction should occur in an environment that is conducive to learning, and that effective instruction requires orderly disciplinary standards, rules, and procedures. The intent of furnishing this handbook is to foster a safe, friendly and business-like atmosphere in which students and school personnel work cooperatively. The policy of the Homewood City Board of Education is to require the administrators, faculty members, students, and parents and guardians to adhere to and to comply with this Board of Education-approved Code of Student Conduct.

    As students progress in the public schools, it is reasonable to assume that an increase in age and maturity will result in the students’ assumption of greater responsibility for their actions. Although it is true that differences in age and maturity require different types of disciplinary action, the expectation of positive student behavior will apply to all students in grades kindergarten through twelve. These differences will be recognized in taking disciplinary action to maintain an environment that is conducive to teaching and learning.

    There is no greater resource for good student behavior than the students themselves. Students are encouraged to be involved in school-related activities. Participation in extracurricular activities may require higher standards of conduct.

    All students are expected to show respect, follow rules, and demonstrate good citizenship.