HCS Safety & Security

  • Homewood City Schools' primary responsibility is to ensure a safe and secure environment for all students, staff, and visitors. School safety is our top priority and by working together, we can continue to provide safe learning environments so our students can maximize their unique potential. 


    Homewood City Schools annually reviews and updates the system’s safety plans for each school building.  These plans serve as instructions for our administrators, faculty, staff, and students on how to respond to different events that may take place in our schools, including inclement weather, natural disasters, or any other unpredicted situation. These plans help guide safety and security training meetings for all employees in our system.  Each month, students and employees also participate in safety response drills to ensure everyone understands the procedures to various situations.


    Homewood City Schools conduct monthly safety drills in preparation for real emergencies. Schools are required to conduct code red lockdown drills, severe weather drills and fire drills throughout the year.


    Thanks to the partnership with the Homewood Police Department, all Homewood City Schools have a school resource officer in the building with two located at the middle and high schools.  Our schools are fortunate to have trained officers in our buildings to provide additional security for our students and staff members.  The HPD also assists with the schools’ safety plans and trainings for our employees. 


    Homewood City Schools’ front offices were redesigned in 2018 to create secured entrances to our schools.  Parents and visitors must pass through secured entrances and be checked in to enter our school buildings.


    Homewood City Schools has a rapid notification system in place for all parents and employees in case of any emergency.  This allows the system to communicate with our parents through phone calls, emails, and text messages. If you have any questions regarding your rapid notification contact information, please contact your child’s school.

    In the case of a crisis, Homewood City Schools will utilize our rapid notification system as quickly as possible after the situation is contained. 


    Homewood City Schools encourages parents, employees, and students to immediately report any suspicious activity or threats.  We can all do our part to help ensure safety in our schools.  


    When Homewood City Schools’ safety teams are called to action, the schools may be placed in different secured situations.  Below are the different procedures used in our schools:


    This may be used during severe weather or a hazardous material incidents.  During a shelter-in-place emergency, doors are closed to the public and school operations (such as student checkout) are suspended until the threat has passed. 
    Example: Tornado Warning


    This was once commonly known as a code yellow lockdown.  Secured perimeter is used when school officials have been notified of a potential threat in the vicinity of the school.  If a school secures the perimeter, entrance doors are locked and an SRO is stationed at the front door. Classroom activities continue as normal.  During a secured perimeter, parents and visitors are asked to stay away from campus and students are to remain inside until the school receives an all clear.
    Example: Police are looking for a suspect in an area close to our schools.


    A lockdown is initiated when an immediate threat is identified inside the school or on campus.  During a lockdown, law enforcement officials will be heavily involved and no one will be allowed to enter or exit the building until an all clear is given. 
    Example: Weapon seen or discharged on campus.