• Feb. 23, 2021

    Homewood Families,

    We are fortunate that UAB has partnered with our schools to offer our employees the Covid-19 vaccine. UAB administered our employees’ first vaccine this past Sunday, February 21. Our employees’ second vaccine has been scheduled for the Friday before Spring Break, March 19. Since a majority of our employees will be out to receive their final vaccine, all Homewood Schools will have an eLearning day for traditional and virtual school students on March 19. Instruction on this day will be asynchronous, and more information regarding the eLearning day will be coming soon.

    We understand that changes to any schedule are difficult, but it is important that we continue to work to provide a safe learning environment for our school community. We want to thank you all for your continued support as we work together to provide the best for all of our students, staff, and schools. 

    Please click here to view the updated school calendar for the remainder of the year.

    Information for Homewood High School Families
    On March 9, all eleventh grade students will take the ACT at Homewood High School.  In order to provide the safest testing environment for our students, freshmen, sophomores, and seniors will not be required to report to school until 11:40 on Tuesday, March 9.

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    The Homewood City Schools TEAM Homewood Reopening Plan has been developed by guidance from the Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE), Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH), Jefferson County Department of Health (JCDH), and various organizations and advisory groups made up of healthcare professionals, parents, faculty, staff, and administrators. We know these are challenging times, but we will continue to support, educate, and empower all of our students, teachers, and staff as we navigate through this unprecedented and changing time in our world. The TEAM Homewood Plan is a leveled system that provides information on coordinated interventions intended to mitigate risks. It will take us all doing our part - students, parents, and staff - to provide a safe teaching and learning environment.